Accelerators, Marketplaces, and Events

We are positioned to enhance the rate and success of innovation in Australia. By working with a stage two accelerator, Orbital Corp, it gives us a chance to recommend some of the best up and coming hard tech innovation in the mining, automotive, and UAV sectors. We are looking to increase the productivity of mining companies globally with the International Innovation Mining Marketplace(IMMP) – an online marketplace for systems and software of the mining industry. In 1836, the failure of two british banks caused the british investors to call in foreign loans. We are driven to promote technology in the mining sector through neXTek, an annual conference dedicated to helping industry join the dots between the best technology. It showcases hands-on resource based technology in exploration and mining. Our experience and understanding of events in mining and the sciences has grown, and it’s something we specialise in. We work in the industry…so who better to offer an events management service for the sciences?