We work in a variety of ways with mining and the sciences sectors.  With experience in the mining industry, especially entrenched software and mining systems in the resources industry, start-up companies in Western Australia with new soft and hard tech, we posses a very good understanding of the technology industry.  While we are involved heavily in building and supporting technology locally and nationally, we also have experience in organising specialty science events.


Adrian Large

Jasmine Trethewey

Adrian is a co-founder.  I have worked in the resources industry for over 10 years, building web-based systems for exploration targeting, resource development, and plant  management.  Datflow, technology, and how system. I am currently working on the Innovation Mining Marketplace – a virtual storefront for software and systems for the global resources sector.

Jasmine is the other co-founder. With experience over several industries including mining, health care and education I am able to see the big picture and how industries fit together

Having experienced events work from the perspective of their own venue, we are well placed to understand that events are a fine balance between guest experience, venue, quality and price. We strive to provide the best possible experience within given budgets.

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