What is IMMP?
The Innovation Mining Marketplace (IMMP) is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) virtual desktop system intended for use by the global mining sector. Its purpose is to rapidly deploy a preconfigured mining system containing the IT infrastructure, software, data repository systems, graphical, modeled, and raw mining data necessary to support the endeavours of an individual or a company.

Providing access to the majority of the worlds most used software and systems offers instant support to companies and individuals. It will also encourage innovation within the marketplace. Software requires data to process, and throughout the mining chain, data will be processed through many different software packages. Providing an open marketplace to users will encourage and proliferate processes, interoperability between software and data, and will be an incredibly important enabler of usage and innovation.


Why use the Mining Marketplace?
Building your system through IMMP follows existing market trends towards virtualising corporate systems.
• Aligning software and system licensing across the board. No more licencing required!
• IMMP is a pay as you go system. Pay for full yearly licenses or for only what you use.
• Complete infrastructures and complete mining systems can be managed through IMMP. Exploration through to plant management and shipping.
• Instantly deploy systems to new users.
• Never before have customers seen competing software in a mind-map across the mining value chain. See how data flows from one software and system to another. Determine the best systems for yourselves.
• With availability to modern site-based communication systems extend the ability of your systems, hardware, fleets, and plant management.
• With most processing managed virtually, change your office and field based hardware options. Now tablets can log data as well as build complex 3D models.
• …unlimited innovation potential.

Who will be joining the marketplace?
The marketplace is a simplified point of access for customers. Designing such a system requires exploration, mining, planning, engineering, fleet management and other software/systems that covers the mining chain. It will also incorporate the most relevant telecommunications support that will extend the capabilities of software and systems to near mines and remote operations.

Overall the Marketplace is being designed with software, data management systems, telecommunications, user hardware, and physical mine site assets in mind.

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