Where: MineSpace, Level 1, 1292 Hay Street. West Perth.

When: Thursday Nov 26.

neXTek Itinerary

There will be a lot happening at neXTek. Not only will there be exhibitors, but presentations will be ongoing throughout the day, along with small and large workshops that will be free for attendees. We certainly recommend planning your day using the itineraries below that will enable you to jump between presentations, workshops, and experiencing hands-on technology in the Exhibition area. 8 am – Registration. 8. 20 am – Welcome. 8. 25 am – Opening: Hon Bill Marmion. Minister for Finance; Mines and Petroleum. 8. 30 am – NeXTek Conference start. 10. 40 am – Morning tea. 12. 40 pm – Lunch. 3 pm – Afternoon tea. 4-5pm – Panel Discussion. Three well known Perth personalities. 5-7pm – Drinks and Canape’s.  

Invited Speakers

neXTek Opening: Hon Bill Marmion. Minister for Finance; Mines and Petroleum.

Distinguished Prof Ross Large. The Centre of Ore Deposits and Exploration Studies (CODES) – Pyrite, Gold, and the Extinction of Life on Earth

Dr. James Cleverly.  Principal Geochemist (REFLEX) –  Deep Exploration Technologies (DET) CRC. Changing exploration practices. Dr. Robert Hough. Discovery Program Research Director. (CSIRO) – The future of technology in the mining industry. There’s probably an find hidden apps on android option to customize the system preference better, but considering the average user, it really seems a bit tricky; Vincent Algar. CEO (Yellow Rock Resources) – Expanding a business. Vanadium and renewable energy. Putting it all together.


Presentations & Workshops

What better way to get a snapshot of technology heading into the new year than hearing it from the experts. Build an approach to getting the best out of 2016. Grab a coffee and catch up with presenters afterwards in our meeting rooms or head out onto our extensive balcony for a chat. Presentations

Company Presentation  Time Presentation Title
NeXTek Registration 8-8. 20 am Registration
Welcome 8. 20-8. 25 Welcome
Opening: Hon Bill Marmion 8. 25-8. 30 Opening address from Hon Bill Marmion. Minister for Finance; Mines and Petroleum
CODES – Distinguished Professor Ross Large 8:30 The state of technology in the industry. Where are we going?
Meteng – James Groutsch 9 am Innovation in metallurgy
HiSeis 9. 20 Innovative Exploration – The Value Case for Modern Seismic.
Resource Potentials 9. 40 An Explanation and Demonstration of latest Tromino 3G triaxial seismometer
CSIRO – Dr. Rob Hough  10 am Innovative technology to focus exploration
KPMG 10. 20 Maximising Government Funding – R&D Incentives and Grants
Morning tea 10. 40 Morning tea
REFLEX – James Cleverly 10. 40 Deep Exploration Technologies CRC overview. Where’s it at?   Lab at Rig
DMP – Neville D’Antoine 11 am Information supporting exploration innovation
MRIWA 11. 20 Fostering and promoting minerals research to benefit WA
ALS – Kath Hodgson 11. 40 What’s New at ALS: Super-Trace Low Level Geochemistry Packages and Ultra-Low Level Methods
Maptek 12 pm Maptek advanced modelling solutions
Expedio – Phil Little 12. 20  Always Accurate Data
Lunch 12. 40  Lunch
CODES – Prof. Ross Large 1 pm Plate tectonics, gold deposits, mass extinctions and Cambrian explosion of life.
Phinar – Rob Debruin 1. 40 X10-Geo, Spatial Data Analysis: Save Time, Dig Deeper.
Outline 2 pm  The convergence of UAV/Drone and fixed wing aerial platforms for mining applications
Orbital Accelerator 2. 20 Overview of the ORBITAL Accelerator
Yellow Rock – Vincent Algar 2. 40 Vanadium and renewable energy innovation. Putting it together.
Afternoon tea 3 pm  Afternoon tea
Geovariances 3. 00 Practical examples of geostatistics: Using Conditional Simulations for recoverable estimation, risk analysis and resource classification
CSIRO 3. 20 Are we there yet? How analytics is changing the way we do geoscience
Mira Geoscience 3. 40 Integrated geological and geophysical modelling techniques
Panel Discussion 4-5 pm  Perth personalities


Workshops * 

Give yourself the best chance of understanding how to get the best out of technology for your business in 2016 by participating in hour long workshops given by experts in their respective field.

Time Boardroom Time Training Room
9 am TBA  9 am TBA
10 am TBA  10 am KPMG – Maximising Government Funding – R&D Incentives and grants
11 am CODES

  • Ross Large – Gold in the oceans through time; an innovative strategy for regional area selection
  • Jeff Steadman – gold-bearing pyrite nodules in black shales and their significance for Yilgarn gold exploration
  • Indrani Mukherjee – Application of pyrite chemostratigraphy in SEDEX Zn-Pb-Ag exploration – Mc Arthur Basin case study


 11 am MTGA – Autonomous Haulage  – what, how and why!
12 pm SitechWA – TBA 12. 00pm MegaRoller – Innovations in Conveyor technology
12. 20 Reflex – REFLEX XRF – allowing geologists to spend  more time doing geology
12. 40 Lunch
12. 40 TBA
1pm TBA 1. 00 pm TBA
1. 20 TBA
1. 40  RayTrac  – New Automation Sampling systems
2pm Micromine workshop – Model it your way: combine implicit, stratigraphic and traditional hard rock methods to model just about any mineral deposit. 2. 00 pm Newton Labs – detect oversized boulders in hard-rock mining operationD
2. 20 LabWest – Microwave assisted digestion: Applications in mineral exploration
2. 40 TBA
3 pm RayTrac – World first onsite sampling automation 3. 00 pm Afternoon tea
3. 00 FTP Solutions – Proactive Wireless Management in Remote Environments
3. 20 Huawei LTE solutions – Mobile Broadband Solutions for Mining
3. 40 TBA

* Free to attend for attendees. Limited seats available.  

Drinks and Canape’s
Once proceedings have closed for neXTek following our panel discussion, attendees are welcome to enjoy drinks and canape’s provided by the 2014 and 2015 winners of WA’s Best Caterer of the Year award. Discuss the days event, forge new connections, and unwind. Creative catering 1


Hands-on Technology and Exhibitions

Experiment and see for yourself the technology available to you. Everything from 3D immersion, to brand new geochemistry and metallurgical software, new geophysical hardware, new data management storage, and new mining tech.  

Company Booth Booth Description
Resource Potentials 1 The future of geophysics. Demo of the latest Tromino 3G triaxial seismometer
Reflex 2 Handheld XRF demonstrations
Geovariances 3 A resource estimation modelling package for easy, quick, and accurate results. Minestis software demonstration.
CPC Engineering & Segnut 4  Cutting edge solutions for you plant maintenance. Visit our stand to discuss our capabilities and see first hand the innovative Segnut (samples on display) and learn how we can greatly improve your productivity and safety during shutdowns and regular maintenance.
Orbital Accelerator 5 ORBITAL Accelerator identifies, develops and commercialises mid-to-late stage industrial tech start-ups. Do you have game-changing solutions to today’s industrial problems?
Intertek 6 State-of-the-art analytical laboratories; dedicated mine site/on site laboratories and port facility services
Outline Imagery 8  UAV vs Fixed wing imagery.
Phinar 9 Demonstrating X10-Geo software. Spatial data analysis reimagined with fully integrated statistics, graphs, and 3D.
Immersive Technologies 10 TBA
ALS 11 Terraspec demonstration. Analyse samples on the spot.
Maptek 12 Universal modelling solutions from Maptek
KPMG 13 Are your projects eligible for Research and Development tax incentives?
 LabWest 14 Demonstration. Microwave assisted digestion: Applications in mineral exploration
 Mira Geoscience 15 Integrated geological and geophysical modelling techniques
 Coffee Cart 16  Coffee Cart
MineSpace Software Portal 17 Demonstration of PAYG geoscience software portal. Things every scientist should know about!
 Geosoft 18 Oasis montaj geophysics software demonstrations. New Features and workflowes.
 Ray-Trac 19  RFID data writing, capture and storage system. Providing total sample control, eliminating all errors and gives the best chain of custody for samples
Expedio 20 Always accurate data. OCRIS (drillhole data logging) and data management.
HiSeis 21 A stunning 3D emmersive experience. A rendition of a seismic cube and the geological model produced from it.
Department of Mines and Petroleum 22 Demonstration. Supporting mineral and petroleum exploration innovation
MegaRoller 23 Hands on innovations in conveyor technology
FTP Solutions & Huewei 24 & 25 “Proactive Wireless Management” Solutions for Remote Environments
Meteng 26 Optimiser Product launch. For the first time, model and simulate your material processes in 3D.
MRIWA 27 Is your project eligible for government funding?
CODES 28 Laser ablation technology innovation, quantifying trace elements in pyrite, and understanding ore fluid chemistry.



Find out what neXTek is all about for and plan your day at neXTek with itinerary. To make direct inquiries for anything related to the neXTek event, please or call 0408 138 156.  


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