Reminder: FREE Hot-desking this Friday at MineSpace, West Perth

Free desks, boardroom, wifi, coffee, balcony, and networking. 8am-5pm.

From time to time MineSpace will be offering “Free-desk Fridays”. So keep an eye out on our website for it in future.

Who can use MineSpace?

Anyone involved in the geosciences and mining industry

  • Exploration and mining companies: small or large
  • Contractors: Geoscientists, engineers, environmental, mining, etc.
  • Service providers
  • Innovators
  • Employed or unemployed

So what can you do at MineSpace on Nov 28?

  • Use a hot-desk with power access.
  • Use our Wifi.
  • Have a meeting in our boardroom.
  • Work on the balcony. It has a great view (and power outlets).
  • Meet other like minded people in the industry.
  • Invite your colleagues or clients to discuss business. What about manuscript formatting are you following the industry standards.
  • Drink freshly ground and filtered coffee all day long for free.

It’s a chance to get to know MineSpace, network with your peers, and invite others to come and join you for a coffee and a chat on our balcony. Work here for 10 minutes, an hour, or all day. On Nov 28, it’s all free.

Discuss with us:

  • how our software portal will be a cheaper and smarter option for contractors and SME’s all over the world.
  • why having a mix of exploration and mining companies, service providers, and contractors works.
  • why working here isn’t just a change of location, but a change of lifestyle.

If you can think of something to ask us, come and have a chat. We are pretty friendly and  are happy to discuss what we do, and the services we can provide. Share us with your friends and colleagues so they can benefit by working in a great space for the day and possibly do some networking all in the centre of West Perth. See you on Friday Nov 28!