Why is it worth attending neXTek?

For attendees, it will be a big day at neXTek as we celebrate some of the best technology in town. An intensive mixture of exhibitions, talks, workshops, short courses, over-sized tech demonstrations in the Perth Concert Hall forecourt, and networking aimed at providing an insight into the best technology available, current innovations, and what’s on the horizon. If you want to learn about the technologies that will give you and your company an advantage in 2016, then come along and find out for yourself. We’ll be showcasing invited speakers, product launches, presentations and workshops, hands-on technology exhibitions, barista made coffee all day, morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea, and the neXTek drinks and canape’s sundowner networking session. We are also introducing neXTek kids. An onsite and private child minding service for parents that want to get the most out of their experience at neXTek.



  1. Regular attendee (all-day plus sundowner): $110
  2. Regular attendee (all-day no sundowner): $80
  3. Part timer (half-day plus sundowner): $70
  4. Part timer (half-day no sundowner): $50
  5. Student (all-day plus sundowner): $45

What you get:

  • Insight from invited speakers with key roles in the resources industry
  • Access to some of the best hands-on technology in the industry throughout the day.
  • Attend special over-sized tech demonstrations in the Perth Concert Hall forecourt
  • Access to meeting rooms, extensive balcony, and common areas to talk privately with other attendees or booth holders.
  • Attend presentations and workshops throughout the day
  • Lunch
  • Free barista made coffees all day
  • Drinks and canapes at neXTek sun-downer
  • All day  networking opportunities

How do I get the most out of neXTek?

We suggest planning your day using the neXTek itinerary. We will be running an exhibitors area all day, and we’ve encouraged all the exhibitors to be as interactive as they can. Presentations will be ongoing throughout the day, some technology based, some special speakers, and some visionary. Running back to back with the presentations will be two workshop streams showcasing some of the best technology and ideas in town. There will be designated hot desks for attendees to answer emails and perform work during down-time in the event. So don’t be afraid to bring your laptops, grab a free barista made coffee and do some work between presentations and workshop streams. It’s a designated work zones. If you want to conduct private meetings during the event, feel free to use any of our designated meeting rooms to discuss business generated from the event. You don’t need to come and go from neXTek. Just use the space in a way that lets you get the most out of the event.  

Hands-on Exhibition

Last, but certainly not least, the exhibition are will be choc-a-block with hands on demonstrations. Software, hardware, 3D immersion and everything in between. We want attendees to be excited to come and see  the latest and greatest. We want it to be as equally as important as the presentations and workshops, and way more fun and interactive than ever before. There are booths on research and development and government matched funding too. It’s all about knowing the best technology available to you, how to take advantage of it, while understanding your projects, research & development, and also the possible funding opportunities.  


Invited Speakers

Our invited speakers will be discussing the future of technology in the mining industry. They are involved in multi-disciplinary approaches to topics and issues that will change our industry forever. neXTek Opening: Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi. City of Perth Welcome. Senator Linda Reynolds – The Rise and Rise of Science and Innovation.

Dr. Steven Walters – CRC ORE. Chief Technologist. Increasing operational value using Grade Engineering. order essay online. Vincent Algar – Australian Vanadium. Managing Director Australian Vanadium Ltd.  Vanadium and redox flow batteries. Carmel Johnston – Sandfire. Manager Engineering Support. The solar power renewable energy project at DeGrussa copper-gold mine. Peter Nolin – Sandpit Innovations. Director of Corporate Strategy and Commercialisation. Innovation in mining, automated robotics, and material reconciliation technology. Damien Williams –  Caterpillar. Commercial Representative for Technology: Australia and New Zealand. Automation Practices. There is more to it!

Matthew Cracknell – Centre for Deposit and Exploration Studies. Reseach Fellow.    Machine learning pyrite geochemistry. A new targeting tool for exploration.  




We will have streams functioning back to back:

Stream 1: 15 minute technology presentations throughout the day representing breakthroughs, best practice, and the future of technology in the industry. Stream 2: 15 minute technology presentations throughout the day representing breakthroughs, best practice, and the future of technology in the industry. Partial focus on renewable energy and the resource industry. Stream 3: Workshops –   Free for attendees to join and learn about what’s happening and what’s new in the industry.  

For more information, visit our page.  

Coffee, food, and drink

Quality food is important.

  • Barista made coffee available all day
  • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea
  • neXTek sundowner – drinks and canape’s

To make direct inquiries for anything related to the neXTek event, please or call 0408 138 156. .

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