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This is a chance to showcase your best technology to the exploration and mining market in 2016.  Industry is searching for the best way forward during these uncertain times, and offering sustainable solutions is more important than ever before.

I want a booth at neXTek

We do our best to ensure our exhibition area receives the same amount of attention as our speakers and workshops.  The great thing about it is, we don’t have to do much.   By encouraging booth holders to showcase the best they’ve got,  there is a lot of hands-on and innovative technology up for show which proliferates excitement, curiosity, and a genuine buzz from attendees.  The more involved exhibitors become, the better the overall feel the exhibition hall maintains.  We keep our booth prices down to allow you to focus on what you do best!  And you know what?  It absolutely works.

Expose your technology to the public.  Show it off, engross attendees, and demonstrate why it can change the way their company works.  Everyone wants to be innovative, save on costs, and do better things.  Show an audience how they achieve it.

Booth Types

  • Regular exhibition booth, 15 minute speaking spot, and 1 person: $750    (+ $100/per extra person)
    • 1-3, 8-11, 15-31, 32-42, 45-54, 57-61.
  • Shell exhibition booth, 15 minute speaking spot, and 1 person: $950    (+ $100/per extra person)
    • 4-6, 12, 13, 55, 56.
  • Special exhibition booth, 15 minute speaking spot, and 1 person: Contact us.    (+ $100/per extra person)
    • 14, 43, 44, feature area.
  • Outside, frontage of Perth Concert Hall.  Oversized tech is welcome.  In fact we encourage it.  Contact us if you would like to display your oversized technology outside the venue.

By securing a booth before May 1, your company and your product will have the opportunity to appear in neXTek’s promotional digital advertisement to be released on June 1.

Contact details: Ph 0408 138 156 or Email

Booths that are marked with a circle are already reserved. Be sure to register early to secure your spot.


  • Company advertising in event itinerary, mail-outs, and neXTek publications
  • 15 minute presentation opportunity during conference
  • Access to meeting rooms and common areas to talk privately with potential clients
  • Attend presentations and workshops
  • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea
  • Barista made coffees all day
  • Drinks and canapes at neXTek sun-downer
  • All day networking opportunities

Take a look at the floor plan and make an enquiry about an exhibition booth.  We hope you can exhibit with us at neXTek.

I would like to conduct a demo or workshop

Workshops are for when you want to get the word out about your company and technology in a formal but casual atmosphere.  We have two areas which can seat up to 50 people.  If you are a stall holder or an attendee and you would like to pinpoint your message in a workshop, conduct a workshop that any event goer can attend as part of their admission.

  • Workshop area: $150/hr.  AV gear included.

Make an enquiry about conducting a workshop.

To make direct enquiries for anything related to the neXTek event, please contact Jasmine or call 0408 138 156.

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