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What is neXTek?

An intensive mixture of exhibitions, talks, workshops, short courses, and networking aimed at providing an insight into the best technology available, current innovations, and what’s on the horizon in the resources industry.  If you want to learn about the technologies that will give you and your company an advantage in 2016, then come along and find out for yourself.


We focus heavily on hands on technology, demonstrations, and being able to interact with people, displays, and getting a real sense of knowledge and understanding of a product.  While our talks will be great quality, we put a lot of effort in our exhibition area being abuzz with fun, hands on demos, and learning.  We want to help you join the dots and leave with new ideas and directions.

Where will neXTek be held?

NeXTek is growing.  In fact we’ve doubled in size this year. While we endevour to maintain excitement during the event, we are always looking to do things differently.  NeXTek 2016 will be held in the prime location of the Perth Concert Hall on St Georges Terrace.  With all the same features that worked so well at our first neXTek event: a hand full of especially invited speakers, hands-on technology exhibition areas, 3 to 4 speaker/workshop streams running simultaneously, meeting rooms for private discussion, co-working and break out areas, and free coffee and food provided all day.  Not only that, it is surrounded by amazing views.

We’ll also have a few new things to keep you on your toes.


  1. Regular attendee (all-day plus sundowner): $110
  2. Regular attendee (all-day no sundowner): $80
  3. Part timer (half-day plus sundowner): $70
  4. Part timer (half-day no sundowner): $50
  5. Student (all-day plus sundowner): $45

Get Ticket

To make direct inquiries for anything related to the neXTek event, please contact Jasmine or call 0408 138 156.



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