PersonMineSpace and Mineler are strategic partners for a very good reason. MineSpace will provide Australia with a selection of the world’s best geoscience software which is available from anywhere and PAYG monthly. While Mineler is the first fully fleshed out social network for the mining industry.

Their greatest advantage encourages companies to post contract work, and for individuals and businesses to tender for it. The marriage of seeking work, winning a contract, and paying for only the amount of time software is used to complete the project is a perfect combination.

Times are changing. We live in an economy where individuals, and companies have the ability to take only what they need. Offerings are so targeted, technology advancing so quickly…who can blame anyone for wanting the best at a good price.

MineSpace aims to invigorate the contractor market place by providing lower cost PAYG software to encourage contractors to use the skills they have – unbound by the constraint of annual software license fees. By using Mineler to find work, and MineSpace software offerings, contractors can look for a wider variety of work and use their abilities to their fullest.

Of course, Mineler being a social network…it will never stop improving. The benefits are bound only by the needs of the industry. Imagine not only being able to communicate with individuals from mine sites, but from mine site to mine site. Mine sites forging relationships online heralds a new future of interaction in mining. Signing up to MineSpace and Mineler, is signing into a new era. Mineler is launching in 4 days.

Sign up and be a part of the MineSpace network.  


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